Thursday, January 15, 2009



After a jar of peanut butter, odd bouts of Yann Martel's Life of Pi, repetition of Metronomy's "Heartbreaker," and intensifying, mind-bending introspection, I've decided to return.

Fuck, I know. This guy again? Yeah, it's me. Here I am. I've come to spread the resplendent joys of music once more. If you have anything to mention to me, say it now. I won't take any bullshit a week from now. I'm here to talk about how underground music makes me ecstatic, irrational, and hopelessly nostalgic. And I also give you MP3s. Tell your friends before I become a washed-up electronica star in Denmark. And then I will transmit good vibes in your direction (if you want them now, it costs five dollars per transmission. I suggest buying the vibes in bulk, they come in handy when you awkwardly shake hands with your girlfriend, get egg shell in your omelette, or flunk that film quiz on soviet montage).

Anyway, I guess the best way to begin is to give you a few songs (and then you should email The Hype Machine and tell them to re-add me to their list). The first track comes off of Fever Ray's upcoming self-titled debut...and well, if you think it sounds like Swedish eccentrics The Knife, then you're halfway correct. This is Karen Dreijer's (lead singer of The Knife) solo project, and I'll be honest--it sounds very similar. Perhaps a bit more bounce and beat than Silent Shout, but many trademark sounds remain in the ground; I doubt many fans will be disappointed. Perfect for negative twenty degree weather.

MP3: Fever Ray Seven

Anyway, that's all I'll do for now. I'm looking forward to you reading my own thoughts, expressions, and tastes. In fact, I'll be accepting fan mail soon. After the Danish electronica stint, that is.

Buy "If I Had A Heart"
Fever Ray's Myspace