Friday, January 16, 2009

Your Mouth


Well, it was cold enough for classes to cancel this morning. And, naturally of course, icicles and desolate winter scenes compel me to talk about music. So, before I indulge in a breakfast fit for a king (ie., frozen waffles, Cap'n Crunch) let me pass some stuff on.

Telefon Tel Aviv, as if you didn't know already, is a neat little electronic-ambient duo out of Chicago. Every album so far has been a serious piece of work; Fahrenheit Fair Enough's clean-cut synth whispers went well with autumn drives in vacant cornfields, while Map of What Is Effortless (featuring Damon Aaron) has a deeper, more genre-flexing flavor, combining elements of soul with looped beats and heavy bass. And soon enough, the group will release Immolate Yourself, which, if anything, sounds like early M83. Which, pardon my French, is a really fucking splendid thing.

I highly recommend all of TTA's stuff, but I'm positive their latest album will generate some serious buzz. It's simple: kids everywhere will close the curtains, put on "Your Mouth," and stare at the ceiling.

MP3: Telefon Tel Aviv Your Mouth

Immolate Yourself will come out February 3rd. Preorder it here.


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